Brandon Carr

Gunman, strongman, gambler

  • Agi:d10
  • Str:d10
  • Vit:d6
  • Alt:d6
  • Int:d4
  • Wil:d6
  • Assets:
    Fighting Type (major)
    Healthy as a Horse (minor)
    Steady Calm (minor)
    Lightning Reflexes (major)
  • Complications:
    Dead Broke (minor)
    Deadly Enemy (minor)
  • Skills:
    Animal handling d4
    Guns d6/Pistol d8/Rifle d12/Laser rifle d8
    Athletics d6/Running d8/Dodge d10
    Melee combat d6
    Heavy weapons d2
    Unarmed combat d6
    Survival d2
    Medical d2
    Perception d4
  • Weapons:
    Combat Rifle, d8W
    Pistol, d6W
    Combat knife, d4
  • Armor:
    Ballistic Mesh, Ar rating 1W, covers torso and arms

Brandon had a large gambling debt that was owed to one of Cedric Garenci’s customers. They killed the rest of his family to pay the debt and make an example of him. He was then imprisoned and tortured there before the party saved him. He convinced the crew to let him live on the ship with them in exchange for his services as a gunman.

Brandon takes care of Open Skies’s dog Sparky. Also over his time on Open Skies he has developed a relationship with Cara LeAnne Kole.

Brandon Carr

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