Jeb "Blast" Nender

Arms Dealer

  • Agi: d8
  • Str: d4
  • Vit: d6
  • Alt: d6
  • Int: d10
  • Wil: d8
  • Assets
    Math Whiz (minor)
    Walking Time Piece (minor)
  • Complications
    Hooked/tinkering and\or explosions (minor)
    Leaky Brainpan (Major)
    -rambles regularly and leads the conversation to bombs most of the time.
    memorable (minor)
    scrawny (minor)
  • Skills
    Covert d6/disable device d10
    craft d6/explosives d12+d2 (special note: if blast makes something that is not supposed to explode there is a %20 chance that is still will every time it is used)
    Guns d6
    Heavy weapons d6/Demolitions d12+d2/repair d8/ship guns d8
    perception d4
    scientific expertise d6
    Technical Engineering d6/timers d10/demolitions d12+d2

Jeb is very energetic about guns and explosives. This is said to have been cause by a grenade exploding by his head. He has a few minor scars on his face from the war though most of them are very faded.
He runs a small ranch as a front for his actual shop that lies underground under the ranch fields.
On occasion Blast will get shipments from contacts on Beylyx that are recovered from old ships.

Based on Boros, Blast get surplus munitions from scrapyards and military bases near him.

Jeb "Blast" Nender

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