Mia Ling

Rival junk dealer


Mia Ling owns a junk shop on Beylyx. She has multiple guards and hands on staff to help guard and run her shop. Mia also has a light cargo transport ship that she runs with her loyal crew. The party was hired to sneak in (without killing anyone) and take back some items that were stolen from Narin Black. Once the party arrived they were attacked by the guards and managed to knock them and the ships crew out with a combination of their new-tech guns and unarmed strikes. Once the party was able to clear out the cargo they were sent for they left a bomb in Mia’s ship set to go off when no one was around. Once the party was gone Mia and her crew were able to identify Betty Sioux, Cara LeAnne Kole, and Morgan. She then turned them into the Alliance for the attempted murder of her and her crew.


Mia Ling

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