Narin Black

loan shark\junk dealer


agi: d6
str: d4
Vit: d6
Alt: d12
int: d10
wil: d12+d2

Assets: Friends in low places (minor)
Friends in high places (minor)
cortex specter (minor)
Complications : Greedy (minor)
Portly (major)
Stingy (minor)
Skills: Covert d6
Open lock d10
Streetwise d8
Craft d6
Metalworking d8
Guns d2
Influence d6
Barter d12+d2
Persuasion d10
Mechanical Engineering d6
Create Mechanical Devices d10
Mechanical Maintenance d12
Perception d6
Deduction d8
Tech Engineering d6
Ship Electronics d12


Until Narin is paid off he is still the technically the owner of Open Skies as well as many other ships. Always smelling of bacon and engine grease, this very overweight guy is willing to help those in need… for the right price.

Narin Black

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