Samantha "sam" shi-ming

Card shark\gambler

  • agi: d4
  • str: d4
  • vit: d6
  • alt: d12 +d2
  • int: d8
  • wil: d8
  • assets:
    math whiz (minor)
    sharp sense-sight (minor)
    trustworthy gut (minor)
  • complications:
    dull sense-hearing (minor)
    superstitious (minor)
  • skills:
    covert d6/slight of hand d10
    discipline d6/concentration d10
    influence d6/betting d10
    perception d6/sight d12+2/gambling d12+d4
    performance d2
  • gear:
    2 suitcases with sets of clothing that get discarded and replaced regularly, a fedora, and a pair of sunglasses
    a bag of poker chips and 5 decks of cards.
    money is kept in a coin pouch and usually in small denominations such as coppers, silvers and golds.

Sam almost always wears a fedora and dark sunglasses. She also changes her wardrobe regularly. Most of the time Sam moves slowly and deliberately as if deep in thought. Whenever Sam is somewhere where gambling might be possible she wears a laminated clover on a necklace for luck.

Sam was asked to join the crew of Open Skies by captain Betty Sioux And decided that she would stay with them.

Samantha "sam" shi-ming

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