Tim Sampson

Former captain of Open Skies




Tim Sampson bought the ship Open Skies from Narin Black. He then modified it slightly and got a small crew together. He took on now Captain Betty Sioux as a first mate, Cara LeAnne Kole as chief mechanic and Morgan as a public relations contact. and began work as a freelance delivery ship. A job went south when he was offered 3 times the going rate for an ore shipment and got betrayed. Though they crew was able to avenge him they were not able to save him in time. As he lay dying in the infirmary he gave Cara LeAnne Kole the code to the small safe in his bunk. When the crew opened it they found the deed to the ship and the former captain’s will. In the will he left his ship to his loyal crew and named the new Captain Betty Sioux.

Tim Sampson

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