Tina Hammond

teacher, priest, mayor


Tina runs the city of greenwall on the small moon of the same name. She also runs the school and church in this small town, and maintains connection with all the smaller communities on the moon. When Tina got word that Open Skies was in the area she went a Wave to Tim Sampson asking for help. When she found out that he had died she asked the new captain Betty Sioux it him and his crew would help them. The group decided to help. Once there the group set a trap for the bandits that were plaguing the city with themselves as bait. Upon confronting the bandits they kill all but the leader ""JIM"". They took him back to town where Tina told him had no right being alive and shot him for his crimes. Once the probelm was taken care of Tina and the townspeople had a large feast and a party in honor of the new heroes.


Tina Hammond

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