Open Skies

Firefly class transport

  • Class: modified Firefly cargo ship
  • Tonnage: 2400
  • Speed: 4 Cruise/ 7 hard burn
  • Crew quarters: 2 double cabins, 3 single cabins
  • Fuel: 60 tons
  • Storage: Cargo deck #1 – 400 tons, max of 460 tons, room for 20 tons the be hidden in 1\2 ton increments that take a formidable perception\inspection check to find.
    Cargo deck #2 – 200 tons, converted for bulk transport with internal or external loading and unloading.
  • Passengers: 4 double cabins
  • gear: 1, 20 ton short range shuttle
    1, converted shuttle for indoor garden\terrarium owned by Morgan (not mobile).
    2 mules, one working, other kept for extra parts.

Ship owned by Narin Black


Ship was bought from Narin Black, by Tim Sampson. After flying for about 4 months Tim was killed and left the ship (and the debt) to his crew naming Betty the captain.

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